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A core value of our company is to help educate people about our industry and the many aspects of the production services that we offer. We strongly believe an educated consumer will ultimately be much more satisfied and happy with a purchased product, good or service than one who is not. We feel your satisfaction is paramount and have created this page to help you in evaluating your needs or requirements.

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What are Gobo Lighting Effects?
How do Gobo's work and can any color image be created?
What do I need to use a Gobo at my function?
Do I need my own design?
Can I see a proof of my custom gobo?
Should I order A Glass or Steel Gobo?
What size Gobo do I need?
What are Ellipsoidals?
What type of artwork can be converted into a Gobo Light Image?
Can Partech Lighting help create a custom Gobo?
How big will the image be when displayed?
What are beam spreads, beam angles, field angles?
How do I order a Custom or Stock Gobo?
Are rush deliveries available?