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  • PixelRangeLED Products

    Creative range of entertainment and architectural high performance LED luminaires to suit all locations and ocassions. Award winning colour mixing fixtures are synonymous with the professional entertainment lighting industry, regularly featured on the largest shows and tours all over the world.

  • Chroma-Q   LED Lighting Products

    Creative LED & Lighting Fixtures / Lighting Accessories / Control & Data Distribution

  • Rose Brand   Theatrical Fabrics, Backdrops, and Accessories

    Flame retardant fabric, theatrical draperies and production supplies for entertainment, schools, events, exhibitions and houses of worship.

  • James ThomasTrussing, Rigging and Hardware

    Aluminum Truss company and truss manufacturer offering lighting truss, truss system and roof truss plan at this truss manufacturer.

  • Avolites LimitedLighting Control Consoles & Dimmers

    Avolites are dedicated to producing the very best control solutions for all aspects of the professional lighting industry.

  • AC Power DistributionElectrical Panels & Power Supplies

    Studio, Stage & Theater Series power distribution equipment for entertainment professional. Innovative designs that produce the smallest, lightest, most durable, and safest models in the industry.

  • Clay PakyEntertainment Lighting Products

    Clay Paky utilizes and manipulates light to produce innovative luminaires that are used to create fascinating and exciting light settings.

  • Apollo DesignGobo Patterns and Consumables

    Special effects products for the entertainment lighting industry. Custom gobos, and related products to create stimulating visual effects for theater, corporate events, concerts, houses of worship, and architectural applications.

  • WildfireFXUltra Violiet Fixturers & Black Light Art

    Stunning black light effects materials and supplies. Effects for film, television, theme parks, casinos, live shows, night clubs, and all kinds of entertainment venues.

  • High End SystemsDigital Projection & Lighting

    Automated Lighting Fixtures and Digital Projection Products.

  • ETC - Electronic Theatre ControlsTheatre, Film, Studio & Architectural Lighting

    Electronic Theatre Controls, Source Four Lighting Fixtures, Rigging, and Lighting Control Software.

  • Philips Color KineticsIndoor/Outdoor LED Lighting Systems

    Specifier-class intelligent LED lighting systems in a multitude of sizes and shapes, from wall washing lighting fixtures to cove accents to submersible lighting solutions. LED outdoor lighting products and indoor applications include controller and power supply options.

  • Lycian Stage LightingFor Lighting Followspots

  • Lee FiltersColor Effect & Diffusion Filters

    High quality filters in a vast range of precisely defined colours. Full range of neutral density, polarising, daylight, tungsten and fluorescent light conversion filters. Light beam softening and spreading filters. Light reflection for fill in of shadow areas. Glass dichroic filters with consistent fade free colours. Pattern, signs and symbol projection tools.

  • The Light SourceSpecialty Lighting Hardware

    Lighting Clamps, Claws, Couplers, Hangers, Side Arms, Truss Accessories, and Grid and Track Systems.

  • USHIO AmericaSpecialty and General Illumination Lighting

    A leading manufacturer of Specialty and General Illumination lighting solutions with over 3,500 General Lighting and Specialty products. Lighting Edge Technologies™ for general illumination, audio-visual, photographic, stage, studio and television, video projection, cinema, graphic arts, flashlight, infra-red heating, and many others applications.

  • Wybron, Inc.Fixture Effects and Color Changers

    Wybron invents, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge lighting products that have transformed the entertainment, church, and architectural industries.

  • Doug Fleenor DesignData DMX Control Devices

    Doug Fleenor Design is a manufacturer of DMX512 distribution and interface equipment for the entertainment industry. A long and growing list of standard products is supplemented by a custom design service which provides solutions to unique problems.

  • Columbus McKinnonTheatrical Chain Hoists

    Columbus McKinnon provides high quality rigging and chain hoist products to meet the needs of the entertainment and stage lighting industry.

  • Union ConnectorElectrical Connectors & Power Distribution

    Union Connector builds electrical products and equipment that provide power distribution solutions for lighting and audio systems so your production can run smoothly.

  • Leviton Lighting ControlsInstallation Dimming and Control

    Leviton offers a wide variety of lighting controls that combine sophisticated design with state-of-the-art technology. Our lighting controls provide precise, dependable control and complement any residential or commercial application, while offering the potential for significant energy savings.

  • LightronicsLighting Control Systems

    Lightronics specializes in Entertainment and Commercial lighting control systems, providing high quality, USA made, professional dimming and control equipment for a wide variety of spaces.

  • SSRCInstallation Raceways and Connector Strips

    SSRC is a leading manufacturer of quality theatrical distribution products found in performing arts centers, colleges and universities, worship centers, broadcast studios, hotels and casinos throughout the country.

  • City TheatricalFixture Accessories and Specialties

    Specializing in lighting accessories and products that make hanging and operating your show easier and more artistic. Product solutions, from simple to complex, help to accomplish lighting needs.

  • CITCSpecial Effects Equipment

    Leading the way in the manufacturing of innovative special effects equipment. Specializing in haze, fog, mist, bubbles, wind, snow, confetti, foam, and more. Made with fluids that are well known for having the least amount of irritation compared to similar products. All products are thoroughly tested and come with a limited warranty.